Product Support

Support Forums

NPE provides two technical discussion group support forums.

The WASP Forum is moderated by NPE staff for clients who purchase WASP or WASP-PoE products. The purpose of this forum is to provide necessary information for clients to evaluate, develop and utilize WASP products for their sensor applications. The three levels of access for this forum are:

1) WASP Evaluation - clients who purchase a WASP Evaluation Unit will have limited WASP forum access for 90 days so they can access information to help make decisions on WASP functionality.

2) WASP Developer - clients who purchase a WASP Software Development Kit and execute a mutual NDA with NPE will have full WASP Forum access for 90 days to help them develop end-applications utilitzing WASP technology.

3) WASP OEM - clients who have developed end-applications utilizing WASP technology and are purchasing OEM WASP products will have full WASP Forum access as long as they continue procuring products on a fiscal quarterly basis.

The Pocket Programmer Forum is moderated by NPE support staff and is dedicated to the Pocket Programmer product line. This forum is available to all clients who have purchased a Pocket Programmer product. You must register and be granted access to the forum. The Pocket Programmer forum contains the latest releases of code and chip files for users to download. You can ask questions, receive answers and download additional information on the pocket programmer product line through this forum.