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WiFi-IT! Evaluation and Development Kit

EDK Overview  

Standard Version - EDK
 The standard version of the WiFi-IT! EDK is specially designed to evaluate and develop wireless embedded sensor and control applications using the WiFi-IT! WL11 and WL10 modules.

The EDK can be configured to support all of the WiFi-IT! module features and operating environments. Standard .1 inch center connectors are provided for monitoring all interface signals, voltages and clocks. Each interface signal is connected to an LED monitor through the Logic Engine. The Logic Engine drives the LEDs according to the module output signal level and in the case of pulsed or clocked outputs, displays a blinking LED to indicate changing signal levels. In many cases, the Logic Engine can replace the need to monitor signals with an oscilloscope. It can also be used to give a quick confirmation that a WiFi-IT! module has been correctly programmed for a given task.

The EDK board can be used to develop OEM hardware that is directly controlled by a WiFi-IT! module or uses the module for wireless communication. The OEM designed device is connected through a reverse mating connector to a WiFi-IT! module on the EDK. When the OEM system is completely verified the OEM PCB and WiFi-IT! plug directly into each other!

Professional Version - EDK+
The professional version of the WiFi-IT! EDK provides more code space for programs and additional functionality for handling device I/O, wireless operation and networking. Whereas the EDK is targeted toward embedded sensor and control applications, the EDK+ brings additional sophistication and flexibility to create a wider range of applications. A full list of the additional functions, provided by the EDK+, can be found here.

Kit Contents

        • EDK Standard
        • The EDK, standard version, contains a full WiFi-Basic Integrated Development Environment with the DCard, two modules and a preconfigured access point. The standard version compiler supports development of embedded low-power Wi-Fi enabled sensor networks.The standard version EDK supports code-free configuration of the I/O and wireless settings through the Progarm Configuration Panel. The standard edition EDK is targeted at the engineer looking to create ultra low-power, Wi-Fi capable embedded system hardware and software that is fully certified for a wide variety of sensor monitoring and WLAN applications.

          The EDK Standard contains:

          • Standard version of WiFi-Basic
          • Full Integrated Development Environment
          • Development Board with On-board LED Signal Monitoring
          • Two WL11-IP WiFi-IT! modules
          • One pre-configured Wi-Fi access point
          • All cables and power connectors
          • 3 months of support through the NPE 4-Hour Response Support Forum

        • EDK+ Professional
        • The professional version of WiFi-Basic has removed the code limitations and has a full 20k of program memory available. It addition the professional version supports a number of commands not found in the standard edition. The additional commands allow you to configure the I/O and wireless parameters from within your WiFi-Basic program.

        • The EDK Professional contains:

                  • Professional version of WiFi-Basic with extended software command set
                  • Full Integrated Development Environment
                  • Base Board with On-board LED Signal Monitoring
                  • Two WL11-IP WiFi-IT! modules
                  • One pre-configured Wi-Fi access point
                  • All cables and power connectors
                  • 6 months of support through the NPE 4-Hour Response Support Forum


  • All signal pins easily accessible
  • LED signal monitoring - removes the need for an oscilloscope
  • OEM Connector for hardware development and debug
  • USB port for downloading code
  • Two alarm input switches
  • Breadboard work area
  • Operates with the GainSpan/Green Hills development environment
  • On-board diagnostics and JTAG port
  • Power supply and cables included


The EDK and EDK+ require modules with an 80-pin micro-connector. The WL11 uses castellations so that it maybe soldered directly into the design. Two WL11-IPC modules are included in the EDK and EDK+. For additional modules that operate with the EDK or EDK+, order from the modules below. These modules include the 80-pin connector adapter card and a Run-Time Engine (RTE) license. 

The WL10 comes with the 80-pin connector as the standard configuration.

Part #
Standard Edition - Limited WiFi-Basic compiler version 
Professional Edition - Full WiFi-Basic compiler version

WL11-IPC 11 Mbps, Internal Power Amplifier, PCB Antenna, Carrier Card $75.00 Buy Now
WL11-EPC 11 Mbps, External Power Amplifier, PCB Antenna, Carrier Card $78.00 Buy Now

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