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Bringing Wi-Fi network access to everyday devices just got easier and less expensive! The WiFi-IT! development system brings an FCC/IC certified 802.11 Wi-Fi module together with a full-featured Integrated Development Environment. The combination removes the burden of learning the intricacies of a TCP/IP stack and Wi-Fi protocols and replaces it with an easy to use language the provides a powerful development environment for creating real-time, intelligent, low-power sensor-based monitoring and control devices and networks. Now you can have a Wi-Fi enabled device in hours not weeks!

WASP - 802.11 Wi-Fi to ANT+ Bridge

WASP is a standalone unit providing a bridge for ANT+ devices to communicate wirelessly through Wi-Fi networks to other devices or over the Internet. WASP can be easily integrated into any ANT+ product using the WASP Application Programmers Interface. This open API provides the tools developers need to integrate WASP into ANT+ applications.


The NPE USB Pocket Programmer is a portable programming solution for the Atmel AVR® 8-bit RISC microcontroller family. The versatile USB Pocket Programmer attaches directly to the USB port of your PC to load a target image. Disconnect it and throw it into your pocket. Take it to the field, lab or manufacturing floor then connect it to the target device to program. When programming, the USB Pocket Programmer is powered directly from the target system.